Technology questions?
Don’t get ripped off, and don’t lose hours of time moving in the wrong direction. Reach out before your investment in business infrastructure and online resources.

Current rate $183 USD per 60 minutes – 60 minute minimum 

– rates are subject to change –

Prepaid using your credit/debit card when you fill out the form below

– payments are processed using Stripe –

Whether it’s consulting on third party solutions, the no-code tools available, AI, programming/development, SEO,  and Servers / Cloud Services.

I also do a lot of mentoring / coaching – so if you desire someone to simply walk you through, step-by-step, and teach you how to do tasks on your own, use tools, including your server, SEMRush, WordPress, or whatever else it may be, feel free to reach out and I can be there to point out and explain everything in real-time.

Screen Sharing and Remote Access

Are Available